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Form a team, design a robot, solve the challenge, and be part of the Google Lunar X PRIZE race to the Moon with LEGO® MINDSTORMS®!   

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2010 Competition

And the Winners Are........


1st Place- Landroids

2nd Place- The Shadowed Craters

3rd Place- Moonwalk


 We would like to congratulate all of the teams for their hard work throughout the competition. The Partners of the MoonBots Challenge really enjoyed all of the teams' enthusiasm and dedication. We would also like to announce some Special Recognition Awards to all of the teams.

ARES : Most Charismatic Award- For all of the great accents and role playing in their documentary!

Coastal Quarks:  Best Robot Explanation- For sharing with everyone how their robot works! Awesome!

 Cougar Robotics:  Share the Wealth AwardFor helping other competing teams. 

Crandroids:  Best Video Blog- For doing a great job informing everyone what they are working on!

G.I.R.L.S. :  Super Spirit Award- For their reaction to their robot’s success during the final round. When it hit the POEL they SCREEAAAMED!

Got Robot?: Best Extracurricular Activities - Love the hover craft!

Intergalactic Bacon:  The "I could have been a contender" Award - For best epic fail close to the deadline. Yeah, we know it's no fun but this time it was your turn and next time it will be someone else's turn. There is always one. So if we ever do this again we will create the "Intergalactic Bacon Award" which will go to the team with the best attitude.

Just Ducky: The MacGyver Award of Design - For their claw mechanism.

LEGO Aces: The Thrive Award For their effort to keep going after the competition.

Lunar Horizon: The SimMoonBot Award- For outstanding development of a MoonBots Software simulator to help them with overall game strategy and programming.

Milkyway Monsters:  Early Risers Award- For doing a great job for such a young group a week before the official deadline.

New Hartford RoboSpartans: Science Exploration Award- For educating everyone about Space Exploration!

OABB: Best Little Afterthoughts- For including all of the cool space exploration facts and related activities!

Pushing Frontiers: Rookie Award- For having little experience with MINDSTORMS and doing a great job!

Team Tater Tot: Media Darling Award- Best Media Event of the Season.

Yellow Jackets: Super Friends Award- For creating a much needed forum for teams to collaborate.

WEBStormers:  The Improvisation and Enthusiasm Award- For making a MoonBots board in the sand in Mozambique while on vacation.