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Form a team, design a robot, solve the challenge, and be part of the Google Lunar X PRIZE race to the Moon with LEGO® MINDSTORMS®!   

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2010 Competition

And the Winners Are............


1st Place- LegoAces

2nd Place- Team Just Ducky

3rd Place- Lunar Lords

 We would like to congratulate all of the teams for their hard work throughout the competition. The Partners of the MoonBots Challenge really enjoyed all of the teams' enthusiasm and dedication. We would also like to announce some Special Recognition Awards to all of the teams. All team Captains and team members will receive Google Lunar X PRIZE T-shirts and special addition Google Moon patches. 

Pi in the Sky - Globetrotters Award - For going cross continental with their outreach and enthusiasm. It’s amazing what you guys did. Thanks for all the effort despite having to do your final interview 3 weeks early. 

The Pink Team - The Science Exploration Award - For educating hundreds of kids about robotics and STEM education. These girls knew their stuff and loved to share it.

Iron Reign - The McGyver Award of Design - For the coolest skid mechanism ever. We think this very young team has a bright future in robot development. Ask your coach who McGyver is. We think he’s almost as awesome as you are.

Dragonbots - The Newshound Award & Intergalactic Bacon Award - Yes this team gets two! The Newshound Award for getting on CNN with their project. Congratulations! And the Intergalactic Bacon Award named after last year’s team that experienced an epic failure right before their interview. The DragonBots switched venues at the last moment to accommodate the crowds that were interested in what they were doing only to have trouble sorting out what was affecting their compass sensor. These things happen but we hope you return to show us more next year.

Raider Robotics - The In Orbit Around the Blogosphere Award - For outstanding blogging throughout the MoonBots season. We couldn’t have asked for more. Well we could have but you probably would have given it to us and then some. 

Moonwalk - The MTV Award - That’s MoonBots TV by the way. For the funniest videos we’ve ever seen two years running. We laughed, we cried, we made popcorn. You guys rock!

Molokai Mahina - The Masters of the Space Time Continuum Award - We rescheduled these guys so many times that we were beginning to think they were avoiding us. Mostly because of the time differences between them and our judges but others because this team is active in all sorts of activities. We loved your outreach and hope you return to us next year.

Techno Inventors - The I’m So Excited Award - And they just can’t hide it. If we could harness this team’s enthusiasm and energy we could solve the worlds energy crisis. Outstanding work all the way around. 

QED - Media Mogul Award - For their awesome display of team work and its challenges in a competition like this when interviewed by their local news. 

Lunar Scouts - The Robotics Merit Badge - If they don’t already have it they should. They get our vote for excellent effort in design, programming and getting the word out to the Scout Community. 

Lehi Moonstormers - The Experiential Learning Award - For pulling it all together and participating with Boy Scouts, NASA, and 4H. Your Robotics Fair was off the hook. Great job!

New Hartford RoboSpartans - The Learning is FUNdamental Award - No one can doubt that this team had fun this season. One word - Velcro. These guys rocked it in all aspects of the competition and had mounds of fun while doing it. An amazing effort all the way around.

2011 LEGO Odyssey - The Enlightened Hacker Award - For not only writing their own program parser but for all the other sims that they made to help educate others. Great job!

Anthem-a-Tronics - The Future Space Explorers Award - This young team showed excellent research and presenting skills through out the MoonBots season. Good work guys! We look forward to seeing you next year.

X-Treme Team - The Future Contenders Award - This rookie team is all business mixed with ample amounts of fun and enthusiasm. Great blogging. Great outreach. Great budding robotics skills. For such a young team we can’t help to wonder with excitement about what you’re capable of. We look forward to seeing it for ourselves. X-Treme Team indeed.

Lunar LEGOBots - The Young Space Explorers Award - This young team of 3 must have worked really hard this season because it showed in almost everything they did. We think they have a bright future in Space Science and Robotics. We enjoyed your blog and your innovative outreach projects you did at your local Science Museum. Keep up the good work!

Say Watt? - The Master Builder Award - Named after the famous Robby the Robot award from Hollywood fame this award goes out to you for the coolest robot of the whole competition. You had a virtual Transformer this year with a cool wheel/skid mechanism and awesome arm. We were really impressed with what you created.