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Form a team, design a robot, solve the challenge, and be part of the Google Lunar X PRIZE race to the Moon with LEGO® MINDSTORMS®!   

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2010 Competition

Everything You Need to Know About Phase One of the 2011 Competition



What differentiates the 2010 MoonBots Challenge from the 2011 MoonBots Challenge?

- For Phase One of the MoonBots Challenge, Teams will complete a video. They will be asked to create their video based on four different categories.  Teams will also be asked to submit a written proposal of why their robot should be funded to go the Moon. This is different than last year.  We are NOT asking for a CAD design proposal in Phase One of the competition.

- For Phase Two of the MoonBots Challenge, Teams will submit a CAD robot design proposal. They will also complete a STEM outreach project. This is different than last year. Teams will also complete a live lunar mission based on the new game board field.  Information for the Game Board will be released soon. The 2011 Game Board will be different than the 2010 Game Board. This mission will be to still go to the Moon, however, the obstacles will be completely different.

Does the game cost anything?
Registration is free.

What is the minimum team size? What is the maximum team size? Can my adult team mentor participate?

- The minimum team size is three people and the maximum is six. The team may be composed using the following rules:Team Captain (Team Member 1): must be at least 18 years old as of the date of registration AND must be of the age of majority in his or her country of residence.

- Team Members must be between the ages of 9 and 17 at the date of registration.

Teams should be advised that the Judges will consider the ages of Team members when assessing each Team’s Video Essay, Blogs, Videos Blogs, Robot Design Proposal and STEM Outreach Activity. Teams are encouraged to have their adult Team Captain serve in an advisory capacity.

What are the dates of the competition?
Registration and Phase One: May 9- June 13, 2011
Phase Two: June 27 - August 15, 2011

Does the Team need to travel anywhere to participate in the challenge?
No. No travel is necessary.

Does a team need to belong to an official robotics club to join MoonBots?
No. This is not a requirement. Teams can be made up of family members and friends with little to no experience with robotics.

What is the official language of the competition?
The official language is English. If your team is having challenges meeting this requirement, please send an email to  moonbotsinfo@gmail.com

Can a coach have more than one team?
Yes. However, each kid can participate on only one team.

What if my team does not meet the deadline?
Your team will not be judged and will not be considered for any prizes.

What needs to be submitted in Phase One?
Team Biography
Team Photo
Team Video
Written Robot Funding Proposal
Registration Consent Forms for All Team Members (Team will not be judged unless all forms have been completed and received)

Does the Team Video need to have the MoonBots logo included?
Yes. The MoonBots Challenge logo needs to be included, as well as the title of which video subject the video is categorized in.

What does the Team Video need to include?
The Team needs to select one of the following video topics:

  1. Who is their favorite Google Lunar X PRIZE Team and why?
  2. Who is their favorite Space Explorer and why?
  3. Why is Science, Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) education important, and how can space exploration benefit from having kids excel in these fields?
  4. How can robots influence future space missions, including missions to the moon?

The video needs to state which subject category the video falls into.

How long does the written proposal need to be?
It should not be any longer than one page. The main idea should reflect why the Sponsors should fund their robot.

How will the team be judged in Phase One?

  • Registration requirements completed: Team Picture, Team Biography, Consent Forms turned in
  • Creativity of the Video Essay
  • Scientific data in the Video Essay
  • Written Robot Design Proposal

When will the announcement of Phase One Winners take place and how will we find out?
The announcement of the winner will take place on June 24th. It will be located on front page of the MoonBots website. It will also be announced on the MoonBots Facebook page and the MoonBots Twitter account.